Beauty in the Details

So, for the month of October, I'm sharing a special series.

Several years ago, Erica & I participated in the 31 Days Challenge by sharing Daily Free Printables. This time, I'm also going with something that is short and simple. I've chosen 31 different rooms and will be highlighting a special detail in each space  -- and why it makes an impact.

Most of us don't have a budget for designer rooms, huge renovations and brand new furniture in every room of the house. And that's okay. In fact, I like that I piece our home together slowly. This method allows me to identify the little things that make our home unique to us.

Sometimes a room on Pinterest, or in a magazine, can seem beautiful... and completely out of reach. However, I've come to realize that by identifying the details that I love -- as opposed to just the entire room -- I can start creating a home that is beautiful; but still within our budget and doesn't require replacing everything that we already own.

Over the 31 Days in October, let's look at 31 lovely rooms and identify the beautiful details. After all, there is Beauty in the Details of a home.

Beauty In the Details

Day 1: Punched Metal Light 
Day 2: Floral Headboard
Day 3: Board & Batten
Day 4: Woven Baskets
Day 5: Salvaged Door

Day 6: Colorful Painting
Day 7: Modern Decals
Day 8: Create an Entry
Day 9: A Solid Backdrop
Day 10: Paint Chipped Chair

Day 11: Symmetry... Almost

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