Office Area Update

I previously wrote a post on decorating goals back in January, you can check it out here.  Today, I am going to give an update on how my office/craft room area is coming along. Crossed off on the list below are the items that I have completed so far and what items I still want to add.

Office/Craft Room Area:

Here is how the area looks today:

I decided on a color scheme of magenta, kelly green, and hints of yellow because I love bright colors especially in an office or craft room area.  To add these colors in, I added the following items:

I plan on eventually making a new cork board with fabric (maybe chevron) and swapping it out for the polka dot board.  I also plan on creating and adding more wall art to the main wall and two side walls. Below is some inspiration I have for this area:


Have you accomplished any of your decorating goals for 2013 yet?

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