Recent Shopping Escapades

What did you do over Spring Break?

Erica and I didn't have a Spring Break (i.e. we don't have kiddos in school) but both of our Moms had a Spring Break. Even though their children are grown, they each volunteer as leaders in an organization called Bible Study Fellowship International which follows a school year calendar.

So, for our Moms' Spring Break -- we took them on a Girl's Weekend -- which of course meant lots of shopping.

We started at IKEA (check out Erica's list of IKEA Tips & Tricks!). You may have seen several of our finds on Twitter, but I wanted to share a few more today.

I just love the look of an Antique Metal Medicine Cabinet used as linen and bath storage. You could easily recreate that look with these new cabinets from IKEA.

left: image via pinterest     
right: photo taken at IKEA West Chester

At approximately 6'x8' this rug is very affordable. Someday I'd love to have a flatwoven jute rug in my home. Mike has been a bit scared of a jute rug because of the texture -- but it was surprisingly soft!

photo taken at IKEA West Chester, TARNBY rug

Clamp lights are a great way to illuminate art or a bookcase, but I had never considered this solution. What a great way to get direct light at your desk without having to sacrifice any of your workspace.

photo taken at IKEA West Chester

After wearing our feet out at IKEA (if you haven't been -- we headed to the Ohio Valley Antique Mall for some thrifting.

It was, like, the day of weird lamps.

First we found the Egyptian Art Deco...

Then the House in a Faux Terrarium...

Followed by the Belly Dancer with a Mod Shade...

and the Girl at the Well...

Don't worry, she's part of a set...

You can't make this stuff up folks.

Crazy lamps aside, there was some great finds at the Antique Mall too.

This Mid Century Modern Sideboard looks gorgeous in that glossy white paint. Wouldn't it make a lovely TV Console?

And what about this wooden trunk? It is so ready to be a coffee table. It is big too. I would store some board games and extra throws in there and use it in our Living Room.

This chair was from a Chemistry Lab at Princeton University (based on the date it's possible that Albert Einstein may have sat in it!) and was a pretty typical school desk -- but I really liked the look of the numbers on the back of it. You could stencil a number onto any old chair, to jazz it up a bit.

Finally, this hutch was to.die.for. It's Apothecary meets Card Catalog meets Printing Cabinet. LOVE.

Unfortunately, the price is a wee bit out of my budget. SIGH.

After our little Spring Break Girl's Trip, Mike and the little guy met me in Cincy and we headed on to Indianapolis for the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace.

I'd seen Thrifty Decor Chick recommend this show, and the Championship Weekend was occurring at the fairgrounds, so I thought it would be a great trip to make.

And it was so worth it. Best show I've been to - and Mike agreed also (the little guy probably wouldn't agree, but he got a yummy pretzel and a good nap).

I probably could have taken photos at almost every booth (seriously) but I tried to pick out some of the best to share with you.

This vendor had incredible outdoor lighting and decor for such a reasonable price.

And check out this booth with such colorful furniture. I think it is so adorable how they join matching chairs to turn them into long benches. Wouldn't that be a great way to upcycle an old set of dining room chairs?

You might remember the globe I painted with chalkboard paint? Well I thought this a cool twist on the whole paint-a-globe-thing. Especially if you tend towards softer color palettes.

These metal baskets were huge. I was tempted to buy one, but took a photo instead. It occurred to me that if they had been a standard black hammered metal, I wouldn't have thought much of them at all. But they are so much more interesting in blue. Just goes to show you the magic of paint.

 This cute little garland was simply some vintage bird cards strung along twine. Easy spring decor.

And I just thought this idea of using old test tubes as little bud vases was so cute.

I haven't shown you any of the items I actually bought yet, but I promise, I will!

I love to visit new shops (as does Erica)! Is there anywhere you would recommend for our next Shopping Escapade?


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