Bows & Bow Ties Shower: The Games

Last week I shared about the food that we served at our Bows & Bow Ties Baby Shower and today, I will be sharing about the games that we played. I knew that I wanted to avoid certain games such as smell the diaper and measure mommy's belly so I planned games that were a little more low key. If you are planning a shower of your own, check out our free printable planning sheets.

While guests were arriving, we gave each person a Wish Card for them to complete for each of the babies to be born.  I found the idea for the wish cards on Pinterest (of course!) and then used this free bunting clipart from The Mommy Playbook to create my own cards.

Mom and I will be compiling each set of wish cards into a little book for each of the mommies-to-be to have as a keepsake. We even e-mailed cards to the guests who were unable to attend so they could still participate in this special activity. Below you can download your own general baby wish cards to be used at your next baby event!

Download the wish card template here.

I also created a cover for each of the books that matched our bows & bow ties theme. Download the bow and bow tie images here to use in your own shower decorations or games.

Once the shower got started, we begin by playing Baby Scattergories using the first initial of each child's name (B & C). To play the game, I gave the guests 3 minutes to fill in the blanks for each letter set.  After the time was up, we went around the room and shared our answers.  We had a lot of fun laughing at everyone's creative answers! For scoring, if guests had a duplicate response, they crossed out that answer and gave themselves a point for each unique response.  The person with the most points was the winner. I created a general B is for Baby Scattergories game as well which you can download here.

Next, we played the ABC Game.  In this game, the guests were allotted 2 minutes to try to write down a baby item that starts with each letter of the alphabet. This game is harder than you think and the 2 minutes go by fast! The guest who comes up with the most answers wins the game. Download your own ABC game here.

The last game we played was Baby Gift Bingo.  This game gave the guests something to do while watching each of the mommies-to-be open their gifts.  To start the game, all of the guests filled in their bingo boards with various baby gift items that they thought the new moms would receive.  As the ladies opened their gifts, the guests would mark an X on any of the items that were opened that matched an item on their bingo board.  The first person to have 5 items in a row would yell out "bingo" and win a prize! Surprisingly, we had a tie in this game--so be prepared for the possibility of a double bingo! Download your Baby Gift Bingo game here.

I can't wait to share more shower details with you soon!  Next up is decorations--my favorite part of planning an event!  Have a great week!

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