Kick-Off Friday

Welcome to another edition of Kick-Off Friday!  In honor of it being the last Friday before Christmas, I will be sharing one last set of great holiday projects.  Ready? Lets go!

1. I love how bright and cheerful these DIY Joy letters are from My Sister's Suitcase. Go here to see how to create your own set.

2. Create these great colorblocked paper mache ornaments using rub and buff and paint.  Visit My Design Dump to see how Autumn created them.

3. Looking for a way to add some fun to your holiday wrapping?  How about adding a retro printable gift tag from Simple as That!  Go here to get your own free printable tag set.

4. These yarn wrapped trees are so pretty--I love the bright green color!  Visit Poppy Haus to see more pics and details on how to make your own tree.

I hope you enjoyed this week's collection.  If you missed my other sets of holiday ideas, go herehere, and here.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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