8-Week Organizing Challenge // An Update

As Erica mentioned on Friday, we kind of went MIA last week... right smack in the middle of our organizing challenge. You know what I wasn't doing? -- Organizing :)

I'm not going to bore you with lots of details but I had to have my first-ever surgery last week. Unless wisdom teeth count? Do you think that counts? It seems that it shouldn't since it's just such a common thing -- but they do use anesthesia. Ya'll let me know what you think. When I mentioned it to one of the nurses she said "Yeah, well, that's kind of the same thing..." but she may have been humoring me.

Anyway, I'm feeling much better and thankfully, it wasn't anything life-threatening, just unexpected.

Since life can always get in the way, we thought you might appreciate an extra week in this challenge to catch up too. If you missed completing an area in the first 3 weeks, take this free week to get that done! You can click on any of these images  to see our inspiration post for that topic too.

If you are all caught up, then maybe pick another small project from one of those areas or take a break this week -- enjoying your newly organized spaces!

So, I have done zero/zilch/nada in the entryway, but I do have a plan in mind. It involves this guy:

This frame hung in our basement in the old house for at least four years and we know not one of the people pictured. Do you remember the episode of Friends where Pheobe finds out her "Dad" is just a stock image in a store bought frame? These are all of my son's long distance relatives that he hasn't had a chance to meet.

I've got some exciting plans for this frame. First, I'll fill it with some photos of people we actually know. Groundbreaking idea, I know. I won't share the rest just yet, but it is going to become a little bit functional too.

I'll share my progress on Thursday and we'll be back next Monday with a new area of your home to organize. During the week we'll be sharing more ideas on Facebook.

So, what is your vote? Does removing wisdom teeth count as a surgery?
Also, will you be playing catch up with us this week? Tell us what you'll be working on!

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