8-Week Organizing Challenge // Bathroom

Did you find a closet or cabinet to organize last week? Erica worked on her bedroom closet and I tackled a hall closet. This week's topic is another small space -- our bathrooms!

Even though bathrooms are often smaller spaces, they are workhorses, right? We spend time every day using our bathrooms, needing them to hold toiletries, beauty products, medicine, linens and more for sometimes an entire family.  So, it is so helpful when they are organized!

Here are some great ideas to get you started.

hooks // baskets

Wall space can offer valuable storage -- and be decorative too. In the photo on the left, I love the way that she used photos of her children to label each towel hook. For kids, hooks are a great option because it is so much easier to hang and retrieve your towel than folding it over a bar. If you don't have a linen closet, or just want your towels closer at hand, hang baskets on the to hold towels.

tiered basket // jar // bundt pan

Counter storage can be a premium in the bathroom so I think a tiered basket is a great idea. It uses vertical space instead of filling up your vanity counter.

In a guest bathroom a clear jar is a simple, attractive way to leave toiletry samples on hand for overnight guests. Of course, you could set the jar in a guest room too, if your bathroom is short on space.

The antique bundt pan is such a fun, vintage way to hold makeup products and makeup brushes. Love it!

pullouts // bins

How do you use your under sink storage? If you need to access it everyday, create the effect of a "pullout" basket with a couple bins or baskets. If your under sink storage is less often accessed, stow away some toiletries and medicine in plastic boxes. Since they have lids, you can stack them on top of each other and make great use of all that awkward around-the-plumbing space.

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What will your bathroom project be this week?

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