8-Week Organizing Challenge // Laundry Room

This week our organizing challenge is the laundry room.

I've already got started collecting a few items for our laundry closet -- including a plan to sort out some of the items that are already sitting in that space. I'll share more about it in a few days; but for today I'm going to share some tips and inspiration you might use as you organize your laundry room!

Mobile Station // Hamper "Drawers"

First off -- the laundry itself -- the DIY Mobile Laundry Station is so smart for someone working in a small space. I like that you could use the top surface for folding clothes. It could be pulled right up to the dryer for unloading and then pushed back out of the way when it's not in use. If you have more space available, you could follow the instructions from Ana White and build drawers to hold your hampers right next to your washer and dryer.

Hanger Holder // Lost & Found
Both of these items are for sale on Etsy, but I'm sure you could make one yourself if you like to DIY. The hanger holder can sit next to your dryer awaiting a load of clean clothes. If you have plenty of hanging space in your laundry room, a regular clothing bar is probably best. However, in our laundry closet we have no hanging space, which makes this a really appealing solution.

Socks have a way of getting lost in the laundry process and this cute little "Lost & Found" board is a fun way to corral them. The extra basket at the bottom could hold fabric softener sheets, delicate bags, etc.

Door Rack // Curtain // Storage Spots

These three rooms are all inspiring laundry rooms; you should head over to their blogs to check out all the details. But, I'll point out a few of my favorite things {clockwise from left}:
  1. If you have a door to your laundry room, use it! This door rack is storing everything from laundry products to paper towels in easy reach.
  2. If your laundry room is out in the open, use a curtain to hide some of the clutter that hangs out atop the washer and dryer, like fabric softener, hangers and detergent.
  3. Think vertically -- and include all of the surfaces you have available. This laundry room has a counter for folding and storing essential items... shelves for storing less-often used items and bulk paper towel storage... and a basket on the wall to keep a few towels close at hand. What a great way to make use of every surface!
I hope you are feeling inspired and ready to tackle the laundry room this week! Can't wait to hear about your progress.

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