A Peek into Our Weekend

This might become a regular-ish posting series. It probably won't be every Monday because I'm just not that disciplined. Instead I just want a simple format to document some of the special things from great weekends.

1. Me and the little guy went to a local vendor's mall. He had just napped, so it was a pretty smooth shopping trip. I came home with a beautiful vintage scale for our new bathroom...

...and a sweet little floral mail holder. Id imagine it's actually a napkin holder; but I bought it for our entryway drop zone.

2. We clipped some blooms from the yard for the dining room table.

3. This little boy was so proud of his first trophy.

4. I couldn't resist this photo of his precious little toes on our new bath stool.

5. When I came across this project; it went straight on my to-do list.

Happy Monday!

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