Making Simple Goals // Week #5

When I kicked off this goal setting series, I really wanted to make it the focus for about a month. Maybe you've found it interesting to read -- or maybe it's about as exciting as finding out what I had for lunch :)

Either way, I've found it to be helpful in keeping me organized and actually completing projects. We've still got more on our list so I'm going to start using Fix / Finish / Function in my weekly planner. However, on the blog, this will be the last weekly update for now. I 've got some other exciting blog posts to write... like what I had for dinner.

Just kidding!

So, how did I do last week?

This was the carryover from week 4 and I got it done. Goodbye, wall scuffs! Our stairwell walls are fixed, and ready for some wall art {aka.... the fun part!}.

Status: DONE

Well, you found out yesterday that we finished our Dining Room light -- and if you didn't catch it -- we are so excited.

Status: DONE

One of the not-so-fun parts of DIY projects, room makeovers and renovations is the temporary chaos you must endure. We're planning to add wardrobes in the Master Bedroom; but we need to make some decisions before we start installation. In the meantime, to keep things semi-functional; I've moved some of my clothes in here. I've still got some more work to do -- half of my clothes aren't even on the same level of the house as our bedroom.

Status: 50%

I hope this series has inspired you to consider making simple goals in your home, too. It's so easy to look at a long to-do list an feel overwhelmed. By choosing only a few things each week to accomplish, it gets more manageable. I like the concept behind Fix / Finish / Function  because it keeps me from moving on to new projects before I finish old ones.

I encourage you to come up with a method that works great for you! If you've already got a simple goal-setting system, share it in the comments. We'd love to hear what you find effective, too.

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