Polka Dot Watercolor Art

I'm so excited to share a project post today--it's been too long!  If you missed our 31 days of free printables, be sure to check it out!

Lately, I've been into painting and playing around with watercolors.  I love polka dots (like my gold drawer knobs, polka dot napkins, and ampersand art), so I used my new paints to create a fun polka dot picture.  Want to make your own?  Here's what you will need:

I began by making polka dots in one color and then added dots in other colors.  I made 4-5 dots in each color.  After filling the paper up with dots, I decided to add some swirls to the yellow dots using yellow paint in one shade brighter than the yellow dots that were already painted.  I love how it really makes the yellow stand out!

I have always loved the quote "She believed she could so she did" and had been wanting to incorporate it into some of my wall art.  I decided that my polka dot picture needed something more so I added the quote on top of the dots. 

Once the picture was dry, I placed it on my laundry room shelf (from IKEA--of course!) next to my Louisville skyline painting and cute Urban Outfitters elephant and Anthro egg crate.  I love how it brings more color into the room (the black peeking out from above the painting is a vinyl chalkboard).  

What fun, DIY wall art have you made lately?  Have you experimented with painting? Tell us in the comment section below.  

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