First Project // The Pantry

Well we moved into our new home 4 days before Christmas and there are still plenty of boxes around the house, but we've started working on our first makeover.

Since we've challenged ourselves {and you!} to an 8-Week Organizing Challenge, this project is what I'm working on for the Kitchen and Pantry week.

I don't have any organizing photos for you today because this space needed a good cleaning and a paint job first. However, anytime you dive into organizing a space it is always best to start with a clean slate. The pantry was no exception and it was, well...icky. This picture actually makes it look pretty good.

Stains on the walls, old contact paper and years of food splatters/spills/etc. had taken a toll on this room.

You can see the speckled brown contact paper on the top shelf.

This was probably the grungiest room in the house. Though all the wallpaper isn't my style, the home has been well cared for and is in great condition. So, even though it seems odd to pick a closet as the first room to paint, it was actually the one that needed it the most.

After a good cleaning there were still plenty of stains left on the wall. I used two coats of stain-blocking primer first in order to start fresh.

It already felt better with just the two coats of primer. The color we chose was called Old Fashioned (27D2) by Easy Care, a True Value Paint. It was a light gray that didn't seem to show any blue or green undertones when compared to other paint strips in the store.

However, I have found that it can read slightly blue or minty, depending on the lighting. For a pantry, this wasn't a huge concern to me but if I were going to use this color in a larger room, I would probably paint a test splotch first to view it in different lighting.

There are basic hooks lined up on each side of the room. To make them pop I used a little Gold Rub n'Buff on each hook. Initially I tried to apply it with a paper towel so it wouldn't be so messy, but eventually just rubbed it on with my fingers.

The switch plate got the same easy treatment.

To clean up the old stained shelves we skipped the paint and chose this brand of shelf liner {the exact print, Collins Graphite, isn't available right now but there are other patterns available}. I wanted the smooth, easy to clean surface that shelf liner provides -- and the impact of some graphic pattern in this little space. Similar to the impact that Erica's chevron shelf liner had in her Ikea Cabinet.

Shelf liner can be difficult to install. It's so sticky; and unless you have a perfectly flat surface with a very steady hand, you'll end up with bubbles. Mom helped me wrap the shelves and we started trying to wrap one long piece, but ended switching to half pieces and it was much easier. Yes, there is one seam in the middle of each shelf. However, it is barely noticeable and a much cleaner look than lots of bubbles in the liner.

Thanks to my Mom's help on the shelf liner, we've got the pantry shelves all filled up! I'll be back on Monday with some photos and tips on organizing the pantry.  I hope you are considering joining in on the 8-Week Organizing Challenge.

When you moved into your home, what was your first project?

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