Goal Setting Update

It's officially been 6 months since I wrote my goal setting post so I figured it was time I checked in. Soooo... let's see how my list is looking now.

Kitchen: 75% Finished

time to get crafty and make some magnets

To Do:

Add a rug
Eventually paint kitchen table, or get a new one
Organize cabinets
Make magnets for fridge, maybe with washi tape?

Washi Tape Magnets via Think Crafts

Living Room: 0% Finished

not doing so well in this area

To Do:

Update pictures in frames
Fill blank spaces on wall - gallery wall?

Gallery Wall via Domaine Home

Laundry Room: 33% Finished

gotta start organizing!

To Do:

Add a rug that will make the room more colorful
Change lighting?
Organize everything, add baskets, etc.
Laundry Detergent Jar and Scoop

Entry Way: 25% Finished

feeling indecisive about whether to add an entry way to my little home

To Do:

Add a rug
Add hooks for keys, etc.
Add wall art
Possibly add a small table

Office/Craft Room: 80% Finished

better start making some new wall art!

To Do:

Decide on color scheme
Add rug
Add desk organizers
Empty boxes and organize closets
Add wall art

Choosing a Bright Color Scheme

Organizing the Office Area

Jar Makeover
Chalkboard Jars

Fabric Covered Cork Board

Bedroom: 66% Finished

need to work on curtains and create a gallery wall

To Do:

Add more coral and gold elements to existing aqua decorations
Add a rug
Add color to the bookcase (paint back or add printed paper)
Finally put together bench for foot of the bed
Organize jewelry area
Change curtain behind bed
Get new curtain "tie backs"
Change/add more wall art (gallery wall)

Gold Polka Dot Knobs

Chevron IKEA Cabinet Upgrade

Decorative Fabric Balls

Closet: 75% Finished

i bought the new hangers -- does that count??

To Do:

Get rid of old clothes
Change lighting, maybe?
Organize everything
Swap out old hangers for new wooden ones

Bathroom: 100% Finished

done for now... until i decide to change everything... again 

To Do:

Change/add decorations
Organize/line drawers
DIY Hoop Art

DIY Canvas Wall Art

Organizing the Bathroom with Thrifted Items

Painted Tray

How are you doing with reaching your 2013 home decorating goals?

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